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Extremely Rare Plesiosaurus skeleton

Extremely Rare Plesiosaurus skeleton

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This plesiosaurus skeleton (Dolichorphynchops) has a high degree of completion in a single rock. This specimen not just has a complete skull and a very complete vertebrae, but also a flipper, ribs, and many other bones are presented.

The matrix is around 117cm in length, while the plesiosaur itself is around 200cm long. This specimen can be hanged on the wall to become a centre of focus.

This specimen will be shipped in wooden crate, please allow 7 days for dispatch.

ATTENTION: We ship this item ONLY in Europe! If you are living outside EU, please contact in advance for discussion, thank you.

Origin: Morocco
Location: Sidi Daoui, Khoribga
100% natural skull fossil


Scientific name: Dolichorphynchops

Geological Period: Cretaceous, Lower (145 - 100.5 million years)

Condition: Natural

Dimensions: Plesiosaur length: 200cm, Skull length: 44cm, Matrix size: 117cm (L) x 55cm (W) x 17cm (H)

 Weight: 80kg



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