Collezione: About Us

Welcome to Fossilien Company!

Fossilien is specialized in fossil restoration and preparation in Hong Kong for the past 25 years. We offer high quality genuine fossil specimens to the general collectors and museum at reasonable price. Most specimens are one-of-a-kind as they are no longer available from the quarries.

Various fossils specimens are available on our website, from saber-toothed cat (Machairodus Smilodon skull, hyenas fossil, mosasurus, trilobite to insects like the rare dragonfly fossil.

Specimens are well restored, stabilized and fit for home display for decades.

We have not listed all our specimens on website (, so please feel free to inquiry for specimen that you are interested, and we will check our stock.
Please contact with us through Whatsapp or Email (Please note that there may have time difference between us, but we will get back to you once receive your message, thank you) :

Whatsapp: +(852) 93839203


Regarding Shipment

Due to fossil import regulations in some countries, we only ship to EUROPE. If you are outside the EU, please inquire with us before place order. Thank you.

All specimen will be well packed and ship from Hong Kong by first class air flight through courier service.


Regarding Insurance

Selling price does not include any insurance, you are advise to insure for your specimen as we will not be responsible for any damage and lost. We only charge for the actual insurance cost at your expenses.



We accept online credit card payment, your specimen will be packed and shipped in 7 days.