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Sabre-toothed Cat Skull - Machairodus Giganteus

Sabre-toothed Cat Skull - Machairodus Giganteus

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This Machairodus giganteus skull has been restored in its original matrix to show its beauty. This specimen has strong and large saber tooth, and even the fragile eye socket bones are well kept.

This Saber-Toothed Cat skull measures 34cm in length in straight line from front to rear. Overall size is 34(L)×16(H)×13(W) cm.

With less than 5% of restoration on maxilla, and around 20% at the jaw. It comes with a display stand for immediate display.

Due to the size and fragile nature of fossil, please accept minor damage of the fossil on arrival if you would like to bid on this specimen. We will double-boxed the specimen for shipment and send by courier service which has a very good protection to its content.

Ship to Europe ONLY.

Machairodus Giganteus - saber toothed cat skull
GEOLOGICAL PERIOD: Neogene, Pliocene (5.33 - 2.58 million years)
DIMENSIONS: 16×13×34 cm
WEIGHT: 4 kg


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    WE ONLY SELL AND SHIP TO EUROPE. Please do not place order if you are not located inside Europe, or please enquire if you are outside of EU.

    FREE SHIPMENT is provided to the following countries inside EU, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland. For other countries, please inquiry with us in advance.


    Specimen will be well packed and ship by first class courier service. However fossils are quite fragile, hence please accept minor damage on arrival, Fossilien Company will not take responsibility, compensation, or refund in case of damage or lost. Therefore, we strongly suggest you to insure for the specimen. We will insure for the amount that you think fit at your expenses. We only charge for the actual insurance cost.